UT2004 Editor's Choice Edition Bonus Pack

Epic hat das Editor’s Choice Edition Bonus Pack zum Download bereitgestellt. Es beinhaltet 6 neue Charaktere, 3 neue Fahrzeuge für den Onslaught Modus und 4 neue Onslaught Maps. Wer das Bonus Pack benutzen will, muss mindestens die Version 3323 von UT2004 haben. Beides, den Patch und das Bonuspack bieten wir zum Download auf lokalem Mirror an.


PHP 5.0.2 erschienen

Die PHP Entwickler Gruppe hat die Version 5.0.2 von PHP zum Download freigegeben. Es wurden hauptsächlich Bugs gefixed, aber es gibt auch ein paar neue Sachen. Mehr erfahrt ihr im Changelog, welches unter „more“ zu lesen ist.


  • Added new boolean (fourth) parameter to array_slice() that turns on the preservation of keys in the returned array. (Derick)
  • Added the sorting flag SORT_LOCALE_STRING to the sort() functions which makes them sort based on the current locale. (Derick)
  • Added interface_exists() and make class_exists() only return true for real classes. (Andrey)
  • Added PHP_EOL constant that contains the OS way of representing newlines. (Paul Hudson, Derick)
  • Implemented periodic PCRE compiled regexp cache cleanup, to avoid memory exhaustion. (Andrei)
  • Renamed SoapClient->__call() to SoapClinet->__soapCall(). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug with raw_post_data not getting set (Brian)
  • Fixed a file-descriptor leak with phpinfo() and other ’special‘ URLs (Zeev)
  • Fixed bug #30209 (ReflectionClass::getMethod() lowercases attribute). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #30182 (SOAP module processing WSDL file dumps core). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #30045 (Cannot pass big integers (> 2147483647) in SOAP requests). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #29985 (unserialize()/ __PHP_Incomplete_class does not report correctly class name). (Marcus, Tony)
  • Fixed bug #29945 (simplexml_load_file URL limitation 255 char). (Rob)
  • Fixed bug #29873 (No defines around pcntl_
  • priority definitions). (Derick)
  • Fixed bug #29844 (SOAP doesn’t return the result of a valid SOAP request). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #29842 (soapclient return null value). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #29839 (incorrect convert (xml:lang to lang)). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #29830 (SoapServer::setClass() should not export non-public methods). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #29828 (Interfaces no longer work). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #29821 (Fixed possible crashes in convert_uudecode() on invalid data). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #29808 (array_count_values() breaks with numeric strings). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #29805 (HTTP Authentication Issues). (Uwe Schindler)
  • Fixed bug #29795 (SegFault with Soap and Amazon’s Web Services). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #29737 (ip2long should return -1 if IP is and FALSE on error). (Tony)
  • Fixed bug #29711 (Changed ext/xml to default to UTF-8 output). (Rob)
  • Fixed bug #29678 (opendir() with ftp:// wrapper segfaults if path does not have trailing slash). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #29657 (xml_
  • functions throw non descriptive error). (Christian, Rob)
  • Fixed bug #29656 (segfault on result and statement properties). (Georg)
  • Fixed bug #29566 (foreach/string handling strangeness (crash)). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #29447 (Reflection API issues). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #29296 (Added sslv2 and sslv3 transports). (Wez)
  • Fixed bug #29283 (Invalid statement handle in mysqli on execute). (Georg)
  • Fixed bug #29913 (parse_url() is now binary safe). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27994 (segfault with Soapserver when WSDL-Cache is enabled). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #27791 (Apache 2.0 SAPI build against Apache 2 HEAD). (Joe Orton, Derick)
  • Fixed bug #26737 (private/protected properties not serialized when user declared method __sleep() exists). E_NOTICE thrown when __sleep() returns name of non-existing member. (Andrey, Curt)

UTComp 1.4a released

Die UTComp Entwickler haben eine bugbereinigte 1.44er Version des beliebten Mutators zum Download bereitgestellt. Natürlich gibts auch den lokalen mywoh.de Mirror.


[*]Fixed 100a/50a pickup stats not accumulating
[*]Fixed issues with UTV2004S4
[*]Fixed hitting advanced options in gametype voting menu re-selecting the first map in the map list

PHP 4.3.9 erschienen

PHP ist in der Version 4.3.9 erschienen. Dies ist ein reines Bugfix Release, die Änderungen wie immer unter „mehr“.

Edit: Läuft nun auch auf hier auf mywoh.de


    * GPC input processing fixes.
    * Implemented periodic PCRE compiled regexp cache cleanup, to avoid memory exhaustion.
    * Fixed bug with raw_post_data not getting set.
    * Fixed a file-descriptor leak with phpinfo() and other ’special‘ URLs.
    * Rewritten UNIX and Windows install help files.
    * Updated PCRE to provide better error handling in certain cases.
    * NSAPI: added „bucket“ parameter to list of non-php.ini-keys of php4_execute for doing performance stats without warnings in server-log.
    * Fixed leap year checking with idate().
    * Fixed strip_tags() to correctly handle ‚\0‘ characters.
    * Fixed funny forking effect in FastCGI when PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN was not set.
    * Fixed bug #30050 (Possible crash inside php_shutdown_config()).
    * Fixed bug #29882 (isset crashes on arrays).
    * Fixed bug #29753 (mcal_fetch_event() allows 2nd argument to be optional).
    * Fixed bug #29727 (Added missing CURL authentication directives).
    * Fixed bug #29719 (fgetcsv() has problem parsing strings
ending with escaped enclosures).
    * Fixed bug #29607 (highlighting code with HEREDOC produces invalid output).
    * Fixed bug #29599 (domxml_error segfaults another apache module).
    * Fixed bug #29594 (Use PHP’s own tmpfile() implementation).
    * Fixed bug #29581 (Typo inside php.ini comments for mysql.trace_mode).
    * Fixed bug #29493 (extract(array, EXTR_REFS) misbehaves with elements referred twice or more times).
    * Fixed bug #29443 (Sanity check for wbmp detection).
    * Fixed bug #29369 (Uploaded files with ‚ or “ in their names get their names truncated at those characters).
    * Fixed bug #29349 (imagecreatefromstring() crashes with external GD library).
    * Fixed bug #29333 (output_buffering+trans_sess_id can corrupt output).
    * Fixed bug #29226 (ctype_* functions missing validation of numeric string representations).
    * Fixed bug #29209 (imap_fetchbody() doesn’t check message index).
    * Fixed bug #29116 (Zend constant warning uses memory after free).
    * Fixed bug #29114 (Potential double free in php_stat).
    * Fixed bug #29075 (strnatcmp() incorrectly handles whitespace).
    * Fixed bug #29049 (array sorting via user function/method does not validate it).
    * Fixed bug #29038 (extract() with EXTR_PREFIX_SAME prefixes empty strings).
    * Fixed bug #29034 (wordwrap() returns a boolean when passed empty string).
    * Fixed bug #28974 (overflow in array_slice(), array_splice(), substr, substr_replace(), strspn(), strcspn()).
    * Fixed bug #28897 (ibase: -1 returned as -0.000 for 64-bit scaled int).
    * Fixed bug #28879 (Implicit/Explicit array creation inconsistency when using Resources, Arrays, or Objects as indices).
    * Fixed bug #28878 (Setting of inikey’s in obj.conf fails).
    * Fixed bug #28868 (Internal wrapper registry not thread safe).
    * Fixed bug #28818 (Apache 2 sapis do not export st_dev).
    * Fixed bug #28800 (strings beginning with „inf“ improperly converted).
    * Fixed bug #28723 (Fixed mbstring config.m4 to work on OSes where test command does not support -e parameter).
    * Fixed bug #28692 (\0 in Authenticate header passed via safe_mode).
    * Fixed bug #28670 (WWW-Authentication header mangling with PCRE in safe_mode adds extra spaces).
    * Fixed bug #28668 (glob() does not work with relative paths on Windows).
    * Fixed bug #28649 (Proper glob() return value on Linux when there are no matches).
    * Fixed bug #28633 (sprintf incorrectly adding padding to floats).
    * Fixed bug #28627 (When multiple MySQL links are used default link is leaked).
    * Fixed bug #28525 (gmp_powm() does not work with hexadecimal string modulo represented as a string).
    * Fixed bug #28512 (Allocate enough space to store MSSQL data).
    * Fixed bug #28466 (mbstring_convert_variables() array separation problem).
    * Fixed bug #28175 (Allow bundled GD to compile against freetype 2.1.2).

UTComp 1.4 Final

UTComp 1.4 Final wurde released. Natürlich gibts auch nen mywoh Mirror.


Changelog from 1.4 Beta3:

# Fixed bug with specs not always showing on scoreboard
# Added preview window to brightskins
# Separated Enemy/Teammate based skins and Enemy/Teammate based models
# Map list in voting now only shows maps for the current or selected gametype.
# Added serverside option to allow map votes on any map, regardless of current gametype.
# Fixed Team Overlay settings not always updating instantly
# Fixed double damage not always showing properly on team overlay
# Added hud message during warmup
# Fixed first red player’s name not showing in server side auto demorec
# Fixed some vehicle and superweapon stats not being named properly
# Fixed serverside autodemorec when warmup is disabled
# Improved item pickup scoreboard stats

OpenOffice 1.1.3 RC erschienen

OpenOffice.org hat den ersten Release Candidate der 1.1.3 Version zum Download bereitgestellt. Wer nicht weiß was OpenOffice ist, dem erklär ichs kurz. Es ist eine komplette Office Suite und ein wirklicher Konkurrent zu Microsoft Office. Ausserdem ist es eines der 3 wichtigsten und größten OpenSource Projekte. Die ReleaseNotes gibt es hier .

OpenOffice 1.1.3 RC

nForce 2 Treiber 5.10

Nvidia hat neue Treiber für die nForce Systeme zum Download bereitgestellt. Da Das Changelog nicht so groß ist, gibts diesmal keinen Klapptext 🙂



Release Notes

* WHQL certified kit
* Unified drivers with support for nForce, nForce2, and nForce3 products, including support for dual-processor systems.
* General compatibility fixes
* Audio Driver Improvements
o Addressed audio issues in numerous games and applications
* Storage Driver Improvements:
o RAID Morphing
o Improved RAID Interface
o RAID spans both SATA and PATA devices
o RAID 0, 1, and 0+1
o Improved handling of various storage devices

OnlineStar 2004

Soeben hab ich eine eMail erhalten mit folgendem Text:

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
Ihre Internetseite ((Website)) wurde von den Online-Usern zur Wahl des OnlineStars 2004 vorgeschlagen.
Das Ranking um die ersten zwanzig Plätze für die Hauptwahl ist sehr knapp.

Somit haben uns doch ein paar Nutzer ausgewählt, geaddet hab ich uns vor ein paar Wochen schon 🙂 Also nix wie hin da und für mywoh.de abstimmen!

OnlineStar 2004

Neuer UT2004 Patch + UTComp 1.4 Beta2

Epic hat einen neuen Patch für UT2004 released. Änderungen und Neuerungen wie immer unter mehr. Zusätzlich ist auch das bekannte und beliebte UTComp in der Version 1.4 Beta2 erschienen. Changelog zu UTComp in den Downloaddetails.


Onslaught related:
– Fixed accessed none in mid-game GUI code
– New, optimized Goliath shot hit effect
– Fixed Raptor camera from clipping into the world
– fixed collision hole in Goliath
– vehicle splash rings
– fixed daredevil message to only show the stats that made you a daredevil
– Manta water spray effect
– If two nodes are an equal number of links away from the enemy powercore, the autospawn system will now select the one physically closer to the core instead of randomly picking one.
– Optimized some effects to improve client performance

Onslaught AI:
– greatly improved AI control of flying vehicles
– fixed bot getting out of vehicle and instantly killed causing AI problems
– bots in mantas and scorpions may jump out if about to be hit by avril
– Improved Leviathan AI
– improve Raptor firemode selection AI
– bots like jumppads more in Onslaught
– improved AI initial node rush
– bots better at comboing with PRV side gun
– improve AI vehicle route following (less backing up)
– high skill bots jump out of mantas that have web projectile stuck to them
– fixed occasional bot in vehicle getting stuck on inventoryspot
– fixed bot avril locks when bot can’t see target
– fixed bots trying to heal node from too far away
– fixed defenders staying in vehicle too long when node unpowered
– PowerCores now block paths through them (need to rebuild paths for this to work)
– bot Mantas more aggressive against foot enemies
– bots smarter about navigationpoints blocked by vehicles
– move as close as possible in vehicle if no path to dest (until currentpath isn’t useable)
– bots pick best side of vehicle to get out
– Entering a vehicle turns off a pawn’s and a pawn’s weapon’s AmbientSounds
– bots keep manning tanks (and other „important“ vehicles) when possible
– bots do multiple dodges toward road pathnodes
– improved bots staying focused on enemy attacking power core
– if bot can’t get out of vehicle turret, he tries to switch to driving vehicle if there’s no driver
– bots understand they can’t shoot through powernode shields
– bots don’t toss spidermines into powernode shields
– fixed bots in vehicles trying to use teleporters
– improved bot use of handbraking for steering

General game play:
– removed log warnings when damagetype is none
– fix for getplayerstart log spam in invasion
– Fixed the single player not going to the SP_Main menu after showing the intro
– fixed script warnings
– Only allow suicides once every 10 seconds
– fixed Xan torso w/ invisibility
– have „?“ portrait show up if no valid portrait on HUD

Demo Recording:
– Added a hack so that demorecdrivers always convince the server that it’s UTX files are Gen=1
(fixes CTF flags not showing in demos recorded on dedicated server installs)

– UT2K4 works with WinXP SP2 firewall
– speed hack detection improvements (less problems for people with just bad connections)
– Fixed Linux server crash when Master Server drops connection unexpectedly. (in 3270.1)
– increased default ConnectionTimeout to 30 seconds
– fixed cases where non-replicated emitters were being spawned server side (performance improvement)
– Fix for server travel crash bug.
– fixed destroyed vehicles disappearing so much on saturated connections
– Properly handle the FailCode command coming from the server. This was what would cause a client to appear „locked solid“ when 2 clients were trying to join the last slot.
– „Only Official Maps“ toggle in server browser now becomes disabled when mods are loaded.
– Fixed the server browser Filters description overlap.
– Fixed Classic Translocator Setting in net games.
– The „Press F10 to“ Connection Message makes it’s return.
– Fixed vehicles looking flipped over on clients when they aren’t
– Servers recover if connection to master server fails during receive
– Fixed HandleStream crash on server with some user Assault levels on connections with packet loss
– Server performance improvement (don’t copy structs in NEQ replication comparisons)

– added per layer detail settings for terrain deco layers
– fixed particle editor crash

– fix for processhitwall crash
– fixed script assignment bug (assignment of deleted actors resulted in no change from the current value).
– loading time speedup.