C&C Generals: Patch auf Version 1.4

Electronic Arts hat heute einen neuen Patch für das Echtzeitstrategiespiel Command & Conquer Generals veröffentlicht.
Dieser behebt einige Probleme im Spiel, die man im Changelog nachlesen kann. Besonders bei den Onlinepartien wurden einige kleine Bugs gefixt bzw. einige Grundeinstellungen verändert. Hier nun der Changelog:

Issues addressed:

Changed the rules for disconnections. Now, only the players who disconnect from the game or physically lose their connection to the Internet are charged with a disconnect.

Added a new three-minute rule on Generals online. Now, online matches need to be played for over three minutes in order to record a win, loss, or disconnect. This is to discourage players from artificially bolstering their rank and stats through a dummy account.
Fixed occurrences of the same game appearing multiple times in the lobby. Generals now actively removes duplicate games in order to make finding and joining matches easier.

All the chat rooms in the custom match lobby now have their own dedicated list of active games.

Fixed improper disconnections from the game lobby. You should no longer see the „Lost connection to Generals online“ error when your connection is still active.

Fixed language filter stability.

Added a new command line for mod developers that lets Generals run user-created content. Simply add the „-mod“ command line after the generals.exe target path, followed by the name of any user-created .big file or user-created directory. The correct path would like this: „Program FilesEA GamesCommand and Conquer Generalsgenerals.exe“ -mod MyGeneralsMod.big. All user-created content must be placed in the „Command and Conquer Generals Data“ folder within your „Documents and Settings“ directory.

Fixed the missing artwork for the „random private“ rank in Generals online.

Fixed the rank hack where some players appear to have a higher rank than they should.

Increased the allowed time for game to negotiate matching between players.

Fixed some instances of the „serious error“ crash.

Added a new 4 player Multiplayer Map: Rogue Agent

Implemented the following balance changes:

Tunnel Network build speed increased from 5 seconds to 20 seconds.

Marauder hit points increased from 430 to 490.

Stealth Fighter hit points increased from 120 to 140.

Explosion damage done by Chinese Nuke Tanks when they are destroyed is reduced from 25 to 10.

Nuke Cannon changed so it moves the same speed when damaged, not faster.

Aurora speed increased from 90 to 120 after it drops its bomb. Damaged speed increased from 60 to 120.