Duke Nukem Forever Infos

Im 3DRealms Forum sind wieder Neuigkeiten von George Brussard zu Duke Nukem Forever aufgetaucht. Im Klappentext findet man die Details

Q: Can you tell us what Video Card you guys are currently running it on? If not can you tell us if it is a new video card?

A: 9800 Pro’s, some 6800GT’s and some 6800 Ultra’s.

Q: Have you completed at least 70% of the models?

A: This is hard to say, as a model can be anything from a prop (like a chair, microwave, etc) to the tons and tons of models that go into the levels as architecture to flesh out a level.
A ton is done. We have hundreds of props that you can place in the world, and the artists just continue to pump stuff out.

Q: Are a majority of your models textured?

A: We complete them as they go in, so the ones that are done, are in.

Q: Have all the weapons been programed in and are usable in-game right now?

A: Yes. In, with animations, sound pass, and final textures. We’ll probably add a couple more as we go, and there are some whacky ideas we want to explore, but all the base guns are in and we could ship with what we have.

Q: Aproximetly how many types of enemies are there?

A: 15 or so, and working on more.

Q: Is the game divided up into Episodes or just levels?

A: Levels.

Q: Is there more then one boss battle?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a Battlelord in this game?

A: He was a signature bad guy from Duke 3D, so he’s be a popular choice to bring back

Q: Can you give an example of how interactive DNF can be or is?

A: Very. You can play with everything.