E3 Erfahrungsbericht: Quake Wars

Gamingnexus.com hat seinen Redakteur John auf die E3 geschickt. Dieser war völlig fasziniert von den gezeigten Szenen von Enemy Territory: Quake Wars:

So far, the star of the show for me is Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. They had a stand at the Activision booth that showed a quick trailer of all in-game footage. What was shown was absolutely amazing. First of all, everything’s brightly lit in the demo. With a lot of light, you can see the great detail that’s in the models that you couldn’t really see in the dark dim scenes of Doom 3. Think the canyon scene in Starship Troopers and that’s the type of gameplay that was shown. The scene showed various flaming objects falling from the sky around the area and a large Strogg monster attacker that was reminiscent of the large bug coming out of the ground in Starship Troopers. The contrast between the tight spaces of Doom 3 and the very wide open areas of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars was enormous. Watching the soldiers scramble out into the apache like helicopters and seeing them take off really blew me away. The various Strogg vehicles had a very distinct style. For example, the aerial vehicles look like insects complete with legs protruding from the undercarriage. Watching the team of humans racing from the air attack in a jeep firing the mounted chaingun was a great adrenaline rush. I really can’t wait for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars to come out and Splash Damage looks to have done an awesome job with the engine.

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