Q4 Trailer: auf ein Neues ;-)

Jetzt gibt es sogar die „unzensierte“ Version (ohne Blaustich) des E3 Xbox Trailers von Quake IV zum download! Auf doom3maps.org ist die ~75mb große Datei frei zum Download erhältlich.

Weiter veröffentlicht IGN.com ein Interview mit Tim Willits, der die Unterschiede von der Xbox- zur PC Version aufführt. Willits geht auch auf die visuellen Unterschiede zwischen Doom3 und Quake4 ein, berichtet über die KI der Gegner und mehr.

Naturally, given that Doom III and Quake IV are using a similar engine, there are going to be some visual similarities. In what ways — visually and in terms of gameplay — will Quake IV differentiate itself from Doom III?

Tim: Well, Doom III was one of the best looking games around, so first, to compare the two, well, that’s a compliment. In Doom III it was you versus all the demons of hell. It was dark, claustrophobic, and compressed. Now with Quake IV, it’s an epic feel. There are trenches, giant mech walkers, outdoor canyons, huge stretches of landscape, and the Strogg war machines. The game overall is quite a bit different than Doom III. If you look around, people are still using the Quake III technology; it hasn’t changed all that much. In Quake IV, you’ll work with your buddies, experience vast environments, and you know, it’s always non-stop epic action game. It’s not like Doom III for numerous reasons, including the pacing is entirely different. It’s got a lot of classic first-person elements to it. I think the comparisons are made is because Doom III just came out eight months ago (on PC).

doom3maps.org Quake IV Trailer uncensored
IGN.com Interview mit Tim Willits