Q&A mit id Software

Sowohl id Software CEO Tod Hollenshead, als auch Tim Willits, Lead Designer id Software, wurden von IGN.com zu Quake 4 befragt.

IGN.com hat sich id software CEO Tod Hollenshead für ein Interview zu Quake IV bei Seite genommen. Da schon Tim Willits einige Male anmerkte, dass id und Raven den Vorhang zum Multiplayer Part in Quake 4 erst zur Quakecon fallen lassen, wird man sich hier mit Randinfos zum MP begnügen müssen.

Are you looking to put any hooks in to make the game ready for the tournament community and go back to Quake 4 as the new tournament game right out of the box?

Todd Hollenshead: It depends on what you’re talking about in terms of tournament capacity. There’s the tournament support software, whether it’s a LAN or Internet play, how you’re doing ladders and those sorts of things. We won’t have that support out of the box. We’ll incorporate that afterwards. But we really have it modeled as a skill-based game, so when you play Quake 4 multiplayer, it’s not a luck shot that determines anything, it’s really the people who are the most skillful players who are going to win.

IGN.com hat sich ein weiteres Mal Tim Willits gepackt um ihn über die bevorstehende E3 zu befragen.

IGN: So, what can we expect at E3 then?

Tim Willits: You guys got the much better presentation. The presentation at E3 will be much shorter because we only have 15 minutes. And then multiplayer will be at QuakeCon; there will be no multiplayer at E3 this year.

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