Winamp 5.09 released

Nullsoft hat eine neue Version des beliebten Multimediaplayers Winamp zum Download bereitgestellt. Das Changelog könnt ihr unter „mehr“ lesen.

Winamp 5.09 Lite
Winamp 5.09 Full
Winamp 5.09 Pro

New: By popular demand all „hTtP force to ‚Now Playing'“ support has been removed
New: Deletes in the Media Library now move files to the Recycle Bin
New: WMA Playback now works with WaveOut plugin
New: NSV Subtitles can be disabled on the fly
Fixed: Authentication for OGG/Vorbis streams
Fixed: Drag and Drop strange behavior in open file dialogs
Fixed: Stuttering WMA On Start and Seek
Fixed: NSV Video stall during buffering
Fixed: Autosize of video to be accurate to the Video size not snap size
Fixed: Short NSV Clips audio cutout
Update: CD Ripping Library
Update: Online Media tree is now dynamic (More free videos on the way!)
Update: Sonic Install / Config flag mismatch