Winamp 5.12 released

Nullsoft stellt eine weitere Version des beliebten Multimedia Players Winamp zum Download bereit. Die Version 5.12 behebt zahlreiche Fehler und fügt neue Funktionen hinzu, bzw verbessert auch einige vorhandene Sachen. Das Changelog findet Ihr im Klapptext.

Whats new:
* New: [in_wm] Windows Media Video support (with DRM)
* New: [in_mp4] Support for HE-AAC MP4/M4A files
* Improved: lots of minor plugin improvements
* Improved: Visualization data calculations
* Improved: Significantly less playlist memory usage
* Improved: more multi-user improvements (almost there!)
* Improved: [installer] setup options, saved settings, codec downloading
* Improved: [gen_ff] optimized skinning engine
* Improved: [out_disk] new features
* Improved: [in_cdda] playback/ripping with sonic engine
* Fixed: freezing when cancelling cd burn
* Fixed: video scaling bug (with modern skin scaling < 100%) * Fixed: minor installer bugs * Fixed: freeze when loading classic skin with main window hidden * Fixed: Visualizations for 24bit and 32bit songs * Fixed: Advanced Title Formatting with Japanese, Chinese and Korean metadata (thanks mrym) * Fixed: [in_mp3] raw AAC VBR file seeking and bitrate reporting * Fixed: [in_mp4] unicode metadata writing * Fixed: [in_wm/in_dshow] mms:// streaming video playback * Fixed: [in_cdda] audio cd bitrate display * Fixed: [in_cdda] Sonic engine on 64bit windows (thanks STanger) * Fixed: lots of small bugs ... * Updated: Sonic CD Engine 2.2.50 * Updated: libmp4v2 1.4.1 * Updated: Coding Technology AAC+ Decoder 7.2.0

Winamp 5.12 Full eMusic Plus
Winamp 5.12 Pro
Winamp 5.12 Full
Winamp 5.12 Full Korn Bundle eMusic Plus
Winamp 5.12 Lite