BF2142 Patch 1.05 erschienen

Dice und EA haben einen zweiten Patch für Battlefield 2142 zum Download bereitgestellt. Hauptsächlich wurde die Server Stabilität verbessert und es gibt ein paar neue Awards. Das komplette Changelog gibts im Klapptext.

– Ground Defence kills now count towards Ground Base Defence Ribbon
– Using the Medic Hub now counts towards Silver Medic Excellence Badge
– Silver Titan Destruction – Badge awarded when core is destroyed
– Debriefing End of Round screen displays player stats
– Enemy Squad Leader Spawn beacon is no longer visible on the 3dMap
– Can now bind same key to crouch for common and land vehicles
– User now unable to repeatedly spam a squad leader to join a locked squad
– Spinning tank turret no longer pushes player inside clipped geometry
– Users can play single-player (offline) mode when EA servers are unavailable
– Fixed issue that caused Battlerecorder Playback And Camera Control Interface function
– Corrected missile silo numbers in Titan Mode
– Squad Leader Spawn Beacon can now be used after a round or map change in online games
– Missing game information in Swedish and Danish when a mutiny occurs against your commander added
– Inconsistent game references removed
– BF2142 showing up as Battlefield 2 in Windows firewall exception list fixed
– Patching update message will shut the game down instead of minimize if EA Link is installed on users machine
– Stats tracking optimizations
– Revised AR's deviation per bullet
– Titan no longer moveable by the Commander once Titan shields are down
– Installer checks for BF2142 running in the background before installing patch
– Improved player collision protocol
– Optimized EA Master Server connection calls