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No, DBU is not dead, and actually its far from being dead. First of all though, the DBU teams wants to apologise for the lack of updates. But we have some news for you. MajinBuu did a hell of a job and has done all Buu animations… I got him ingame. 🙂 SenMesi is currently working on the attacks already, and he should have some real nice stuff to show in a week or so. S dont forget to check the page as often as you can :). I also recommend visiting the forums, since you can catch up many info which are not shown on this page.

Folglich nun einige Moves von MajinBuu.

MajinBuu Pic1
MajinBuu Pic2
MajinBuu Pic3
MajinBuu Pic4
MajinBuu Pic5
MajinBuu Pic6
MajinBuu Pic7

Laut SSJ3GOku wird es die nächsten Tage bzw. Wochen weitere Updates geben wir können gespannt sein. =)