UTComp 1.4 Final

UTComp 1.4 Final wurde released. Natürlich gibts auch nen mywoh Mirror.


Changelog from 1.4 Beta3:

# Fixed bug with specs not always showing on scoreboard
# Added preview window to brightskins
# Separated Enemy/Teammate based skins and Enemy/Teammate based models
# Map list in voting now only shows maps for the current or selected gametype.
# Added serverside option to allow map votes on any map, regardless of current gametype.
# Fixed Team Overlay settings not always updating instantly
# Fixed double damage not always showing properly on team overlay
# Added hud message during warmup
# Fixed first red player’s name not showing in server side auto demorec
# Fixed some vehicle and superweapon stats not being named properly
# Fixed serverside autodemorec when warmup is disabled
# Improved item pickup scoreboard stats