CoD4 Patch 1.7

Die Entwickler des beliebten Shooters Call of Duty 4 haben den Patch 1.7 zum Download freigegeben. Behoben werden Probleme die mit dem kürzlich erschienen Patch 1.6 aufgetreten sind, unter anderem konnte man auch Cheats anmachen. Da noch nicht alle Server auf aktuellem Stand sind, empfiehlt sich, erstmal noch zu warten bis man 1.7 nutzt. Das Cheat Problem wurde mit einem PB Update auch schon für 1.6 gelöst.

UT2004 Patch 3369 released

Epic hat nen neuen Patch für UT2004 veröffentlicht. Gefixed wurde jede Menge, Details entnehmt bitte dem Changelog im Klapptext. Der Patch ist für Linux und Windows bei uns lokal verfügbar.

General Gameplay

        * Fixed DriverLeft() not be called when driver dies in vehicle without vehicle being destroyed. This fixes the vehicle not resetting, and fixes effects like the engine sound not being turned off.
        * Fixed some vehicle weapon effects staying around when bots stopped firing them.
        * Fixed spider mine layer incorrectly reducing mine count when a fired spider mine immediately explodes.
        * Fixed manta and raptor spinning sometimes when player enters
        * SPMA camera explodes if it hits water.
        * Don't allow SPMA camera view to go outside world.
        * Invasion HUD radar uses the viewed pawn's rotation rather than the spectator's rotation.
        * Fixed low gravity not working properly in second and successive rounds of onslaught.
        * Moved announcements for assault energycore to ASOBJ_EnergyCore_Spawn, and made them editable by level designers.
        * Fixed spawning multiple energycores in Assault.
        * Can now throw linkgun with 1 ammo left.
        * Fixed exploit where shieldgun could be used to protect against lava or slime volume damage.
        * Fixed CTF Flags not returning exploit
        * Fixed stats tracking when a player switches between a spectator and active player (or vice-versa)


        * Various networking serialization optimizations.
        * Fixed issues where players would not properly be sent to the Spectating state on clients.
        * Fix for eyeheight getting screwed up on client
        * Server optimization – players don't do line of sight checks with each other
        * Don't replicate pawn.ViewPitch to netowner
        * Fixed CTF flag not properly attaching to vehicles on net clients.
        * Made CD key hashes sent by clients more secure.
        * Fixed various exploits.
        * Merged Michiel Hendrick's HTTP redirect code improvements.
        * Merged Fix for Map Vote Bug that cut off some chat text
        * Merged Fix for Map Vote Bug that caused the window to open twice
        * Prevent crash exploit (which was fixed) from being propagated to unpatched clients.


        * Return rather than asserting in UCanvas::WrappedPrint() if no valid font.
        * Fixed -Mod= to support proper exporting of headers
        * Convert '|' to 'I' in player names.
        * Fixed cut and paste error in MidGamePanel.uc that could cause crashes on level changes. (thanks Wormbo)
        * Fix and optimization for projector rendering.
        * Various changes to support 64 bit version.
        * Scripted texture changes so they don't render upside down on OpenGLDrv.
        * Fixed weather effects on OpenGLDrv.

Windows98 ServicePack 2.0.2 (inoffiziell)

Microsoft bringt ja bekanntlich keine ServicePacks für Windows98 SE, deshalb haben sich ein paar Leute selbst Gedanken drum gemacht und regelmäßig inoffizielle Packs zum Download bereitgestellt um nicht immer alle Patches einzeln installieren zu müssen. Von diesem gibt es nun die Version 2.0.2, Vorraussetzung ist ein Windows 98 in der Second Edition. Für die, die noch dieses Betriebssystem einsetzen, warum auch immer, sicher keine schlechte Lösung.

Inoffizielles Windows98 ServicePack 2.0.2 deutsch

Battlefield 2 Demo IST DA!

Für heute wurde die Battlefield 2 Demo angekündigt. Downloadlinks werden sich hier finden:

Dateigröße: 546.76 MB


The demo will feature three variations of the Gulf of Oman map from Battlefield 2, which is set in a near-future conflict between three clashing powers: The United States, China, and the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition (MEC). The single-player, 16-player, and 32-player versions of the map included in the demo will pit the US against the MEC in time-limit-based combat. (China is not playable in the demo.)
However, the demo will not include any additional maps or other features found in the retail version of Battlefield 2. Besides the Chinese forces, the full BF2 will feature 30 vehicles and 20 soldier kits from all three sides. It will also sport a total of 12 maps, each available for 16, 32, and 64 players. Online play will be enhanced with voice-over IP and persistent character scoring, while the new battlefield commander mode will give players a tactical edge on the, er, battlefield.

Weiter findet sich auf ein BF2 Q&A zum Spiel selbst, dass am 23. Juni in den Händlerregalen in Deutschland stehen wird. Die Amis dürfen schon am 21. ran, um sich auf uns vorzubereiten. 🙂

Gamecloud – How do you think the clan and community features of Battlefield 2 will be received?

Ben Smith – I think that three core features are going to go over huge for the community at large. These features are: Battlerecorder, the BF2 Editor and Stats and Tracking. Starting with stats and tracking, I think this feature alone is worth the price of admission. There’s nothing quite like looking at the scoreboard and immediately being able to get a sense of which players have been playing Battlefield the longest and with the most dedication (just by seeing their Rank). And then, being able to progress through the ranks and gaining access to cool new weapons is going to be quite a draw for players to keep coming back. The BF2 Editor, our ful-featured Mod Tool, is going to enable the Community to make amazing new content and imagine entirely new and different battlefields compared to the core product, and this too will keep players coming back for more. Finally, Battlerecorder is going to allow players to relive their most impressive matches over and over again, and even easily create video highlight reels. For clans, this tool will become the ultimate Match Analysis tool, allowing leaders to view player’s roles and tendencies from any angle and at any speed.


History of Unreal publizierte heute den ersten Artikel aus ihrer 4 teiligen „History of Unreal“-Serie. In den Attached Thumbnails beispielsweise, findet man einen Screenshot, der die Entwicklung Deck16s zeigt. Ich denke „HoU“ ist für jeden Unreal Nostalgiker rolleyes.gif ein lesenswerter Artikel:

Everyone reading this article, I’m sure, has some ties to Unreal in some way or another. Some of us joined in later, after the releases of UT2003 or UT2004. Some of us joined during the glory days of the original UT, and even some of us still joined the community in the beginning, May 22nd, 1998. The release of the original Unreal game was certainly the shocker of the late 1990’s. id Software, the creators of Wolfenstein 3D and the Doom and Quake series, had, until that day, been hailed as the rulers of first-person shooters. Here you may find the press release that rocked the world of First-Person Shooters and gaming as a whole

History of Unreal

Battlefield 2 Demo kommt

In ca. einer Woche wird eine Demo zum kürzlich Gold gegangenen BF2 anstehen, dass am 23. Juni in den Regalen der Händler stehen wird. Die folgenden Inhalte der Demo sind nicht 100% bestätigt, aber trotzdem:

  • One map
  • 16-player single player
  • 16 and 32-player multiplayer
  • Time limit per round

UTComp 1.6a

UTComp wurde in der neuen Version 1.6 released, dass UTComp endlich AntiTCC unterbindet, war ein vergeblicher Wunsch.. rolleyes.gif Das Changelog ist unter „read more“ zu finden.

    – Added Lightning Gun and Sniper Rifle headshots to weapon stats.
    – Voting now show the name of the player who started the vote.
    – Coach Mode now defaults to and forces First Person view.
    – Spectators with admin rights can now call new votes and participate in voting.
    – Adminready now always works as a spec.
    – Fixed Vehicle fire hitsounds not playing with scoreboard stats disabled.
    – Added „Enable Enhanced Netcode“ and „Allow players to vote on Enhanced Netcode“ settings to Webadmin.
    – Fixed ?EnableEnhancedNetcode command line parameter.
    – Fixed link primary projectiles sometimes not hitting with Enhanced Netcode.
    – Added EnhancedNetcode variable in serverinfo.
    – Fixed recusion crashes with UTComp and Epic’s Arena mutator.
    – Fixed Clan Arena sometimes letting players join teams during rounds.
    – Fixed exploit in Clan Arena allowing people to spectate in free float mode after dying.
    – Fixed vertical aim occasionally being disabled after spawning in Clan Arena.
    – Fixed Clan Arena clock being garbled in overtime.
    – Fixed weapons spawning in Clan Arena allowing players to get ammo after they run out.
    – Clan Arena and Duel servers now show on their appripriate server browser gametype categories.
    – Added short map names for DM-1on1-Roughinery-FPS, DM-Deck17-FPS, DM-1on1-Lea and DM-Campgrounds2004-G1E to mapvote.
    – Very minor GUI improvements

Weiteres UT2007 Preview bringt einen neuen Artikel zu Unreal Tournament 2007, dessen Ingame Video und vor allem der Sonycon Trailer, für Furore sorgte.

Essentially, Unreal Tournament 2007 is the same title everyone knows and loves in terms of its fast-paced, visceral gameplay, only with a gigantic facelift and enough new features to really warrant itself as a true successor to the franchise name. The new Conquest mode looks to be a fairly interesting and exciting mode of play due to its objective-based and yet non-linear nature, while the new Survival mode looks to draw some of the more hardcore players who enjoy playing and watching matches of head-to-head skill. Mod authors shouldn’t have too hard a time learning the ropes of the new engine and will undoubtedly appreciate the flexibility and creativity that the new scripting language allows for. Look for more information on Unreal Tournament 2007 as it nears its ship date.

WP:UT2007 Preview

Quake Wars Preview hat ein Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Preview geschrieben, dass uns mit den neusten Infos rund ums Spiel versorgt.

The game will take place across various locations around the planet including the deserts (seen in that trailer and screens), forests, arctic tundra and more. The environments will be enhanced by what might be one of those tag words you hear in conversations about graphic capabilities of engines. Let me introduce you to The Megatexture. This new word is responsible for large terrains that creates a unique texture across gigantic landscapes and draws it to the horizon. Basically it allows for the creation of a large texture really quickly that covers a huge landscape without having to go in and fiddle with things to make it look like there isn’t a grid pattern of texture maps over and over again. And considering the gigantic draw distance in Quake Wars, I’d say that’s a good thing. Quake Wars Artikel