UTComp 1.6a

UTComp wurde in der neuen Version 1.6 released, dass UTComp endlich AntiTCC unterbindet, war ein vergeblicher Wunsch.. rolleyes.gif Das Changelog ist unter „read more“ zu finden.

    – Added Lightning Gun and Sniper Rifle headshots to weapon stats.
    – Voting now show the name of the player who started the vote.
    – Coach Mode now defaults to and forces First Person view.
    – Spectators with admin rights can now call new votes and participate in voting.
    – Adminready now always works as a spec.
    – Fixed Vehicle fire hitsounds not playing with scoreboard stats disabled.
    – Added „Enable Enhanced Netcode“ and „Allow players to vote on Enhanced Netcode“ settings to Webadmin.
    – Fixed ?EnableEnhancedNetcode command line parameter.
    – Fixed link primary projectiles sometimes not hitting with Enhanced Netcode.
    – Added EnhancedNetcode variable in serverinfo.
    – Fixed recusion crashes with UTComp and Epic’s Arena mutator.
    – Fixed Clan Arena sometimes letting players join teams during rounds.
    – Fixed exploit in Clan Arena allowing people to spectate in free float mode after dying.
    – Fixed vertical aim occasionally being disabled after spawning in Clan Arena.
    – Fixed Clan Arena clock being garbled in overtime.
    – Fixed weapons spawning in Clan Arena allowing players to get ammo after they run out.
    – Clan Arena and Duel servers now show on their appripriate server browser gametype categories.
    – Added short map names for DM-1on1-Roughinery-FPS, DM-Deck17-FPS, DM-1on1-Lea and DM-Campgrounds2004-G1E to mapvote.
    – Very minor GUI improvements