Quake Wars Preview

IGN.com hat ein Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Preview geschrieben, dass uns mit den neusten Infos rund ums Spiel versorgt.

The game will take place across various locations around the planet including the deserts (seen in that trailer and screens), forests, arctic tundra and more. The environments will be enhanced by what might be one of those tag words you hear in conversations about graphic capabilities of engines. Let me introduce you to The Megatexture. This new word is responsible for large terrains that creates a unique texture across gigantic landscapes and draws it to the horizon. Basically it allows for the creation of a large texture really quickly that covers a huge landscape without having to go in and fiddle with things to make it look like there isn’t a grid pattern of texture maps over and over again. And considering the gigantic draw distance in Quake Wars, I’d say that’s a good thing.

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