ATI Catalyst 5.3 released

ATI hat soeben den Catalyst 5.3 released. Einige neue Sachen sind hinzugekommen siehe Klapptext + natürlich wie immer Bugfixes; welche das sind, könnt ihr den Release Notes entnehmen.

Release Notes
Treiber + CP
Treiber + CCC (englisch only atm)

New Features:

The latest version of OVERDRIVE™ includes a new 3D test and extra safety checks to ensure the best over-clocking experience – allowing manual over-clocking of both engine and memory while keep the user’s graphics card safe from any of the dangers usually associated with over-clocking.

OpenGL Version 2.0 Support
The CATALYST™ Software Suite introduces OpenGL Version 2.0 support. This version of OpenGL will be in line with the latest GL ARB approved specifications. New to this specification are GLSL, non-power-of-two-textures, separate stencil, multiple render targets, and point sprites.

The CATALYST™ Software Suite 5.3 introduces a new feature named eRecord. This feature is the first error logging system used by the ATI multimedia software. The eRecord feature provides a mechanism for software components to output error messages. A new System Messages (Event Viewer) menu has been added to the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER System Tray. This launches the Event Viewer, providing a mechanism for users to view the error messages.

Windows XP Media Center Edition Display Control Panel Extension
The CATALYST™ Software Suite 5.3 introduces enhanced capabilities of the display panel through a Windows Media Center Edition look-alike control panel. The control panel options include:

    * Display devices. Provides the ability to select preferred display devices such as; TVs, LCDs, or Monitors
    * Display options. A user controllable option for desktop color, brightness, contrast