UTComp 1.6 Final released

Die UTComp Entwickler haben die Version 1.6 Final zum Download bereitgestellt. Alle Änderungen und Neuerungen seit Version 1.5a hab ich unter „mehr“ zusammengefasst. Der Download ist natürlich lokal verfügbar.

-Added new Enhanced Netcode. (disabled server-side by default)
-Added Clan Arena Gametype.
-Added option to control the number of grenades players start with.
-Added average team pings to the scoreboard.
-Hitsounds will now play in first person spectator view.
-Flak primary hitsounds will now group together to form one hitsound if CPMA hitsounds are enabled.
-Colored names now show when targetting enemy players.
-Added RTS-Style actions per minute statistic to scoreboard.
-Added flood protection to Voting Yes/No messages.
-Voting failed message is now different if a vote timed out or voted no.
-UTComp Duel Mode servers now have a [Duel] tag in front of their name.
-Added getsensitivity console command.
-Added client and server options to enable/disable enhanced netcode.
-Added server side enhanced netcode vote to settings voting.
-Added Webadmin entries for Enhanced Netcode, Enhanced Netcode Voting and Grenades on Spawn.
-Added grenades on spawn to gametype voting page.
-Move timed overtime to gametype voting, now accepts numerical values. (as opposed to on/off)
-When selecting a gametype in gametype voting, the maxplayers box will automatically default to a reasonable number.
-Added options to toggle whether UTComp Duel and Clan Arena servers have their respective [Duel] and [CA] tags appearing in front of the server names.
-Added \\“Enhanced Netcode=Enabled\\“ message to Onjoin Box if Enhanced Netcode is enabled.
-Red/Blue Team Score in the player list will no longer report a ping.
-Fixed bug which made it impossible for spectators to switch players and move around after a quick map restart.
-Fixed bug with Timed Overtime in which certain seconds were left out on the game clock.
-Fixed bug causing Warmup to cause choppyness with the Low gravity mutator.
-Fixed bug causing everyone to skin as enemy color when spectating if skins were set to enemy/teammate based.
-Fixed admin forced votes stopping further votes from being started
-Fixed bug causing UTComp to remove itself from the server on certain gametype votes.
-Fixed bug with Line of Sight hitsounds not playing with hitscan weapons in some situations.
-Fixed bug with Line of Sight hitsounds not playing when a player disabled all stats.
-Fixed bug in brightskins menu when selecting a model on a custom clanskin entry.
-Adrenaline taken stat now reports 2 as it should.
-Re-Fixed first blood not resetting after warmup is over.
-Fixed bug with using certain numbers in colored names breaking chat messages.
-GUI now grey outs warmup voting when warmup voting is disabled serverside.
-Minor GUI and Webadmin Changes.

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