Die E3 ein voller Erfolg

Wie Gamespy berichtet, war die E3 2005 in Los Angeles ein voller Erfolg. Das mag zwar zum Einen an den neu vorgestellten Konsolen gelegen haben, aber wohl nicht zuletzt an den Debüts kommender PC-Titel, wie Quake4, ET:Quake Wars oder UT2007:

According to the Entertainment Software Association, this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo saw over 70,000 industry representatives from 79 countries at the Los Angeles Convention Center. About 400 exhibitors occupied more than 547,000 square feet of space and presented over 5,000 computer and video game products. Of the titles shown, about 1,000 were debuted at the show.This year also marked the third anniversary of the website dedicated to delivering live E3 coverage, e3insider.com. The site received more than 100 million hits during its first three days live.

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