Preview: Quake 4 auf

Eine Nachfassung eines Artikels auf birgt zwar keine neuen Informationen zu Quake4, doch hinterlässt einen besseren Eindruck zu dem Spiel, als die meisten anderen Previews (außer: ) 🙂

[…] Quake 4 uses the Doom 3 engine to beautify all of the killing for you, and, frankly, the first five or 10 minutes of the demo that id was showing at the Activision booth looked a bit too much like Doom 3 for some of the folks I watched it with, featuring lots of dark corridors and flashing lights and ugly monsters. Had I been in charge of putting together this demo, I would have started with the second segment they showed — the „stroggification“ of the game’s main character, which is as creepy of a cutscene as I’ve seen in a long time, and which elicited audible laughs and groans from the demo audience. Finally, the demo finished with a brief look at some of the multiplayer vehicular combat, which looks good if not overly original, at this point in time.

All of which is to say, as Douglas Adams once said: Don’t panic. Quake 4 looked a lot better to me in person at Raven’s office than it did at this brief demo, where it was just impossible to see the kind of thought and detail going into the game. You may remain skeptical now if you like, but I’m still on board.

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