UT2007 neue Details

Das PC Zone Magazin verfasste einen Artikel zu UT2007, welcher neue Infos bereit hält, die auf Beyondunreal.com schonmal zusammengefasst wurden.

Update: Alle Scans sind nun hier auffindbar.

  • Feigning Death is back!
  • All maps will stream – not just Conquest. You’ll be able to chat and strategize even as levels are loading up. Teams should stay set between rounds.
  • Hoverboard may include a grappling hook to attach to other vehicles.
  • Possible deployables (no gametypes specificed) such as a semi-solid Jelly Shield that will allow you to block entrances or trap others in, Spy Robots, Automatic Turrets.
  • A possible „insectoid“ walker-vehicle.
  • Conquest gametype will include Tarydium resources – but will not slow down gameplay.
  • Survival gametype „sort of a 1 on 1“.
  • Level-specific „superweapons“ such as a collapsing roof, broken dam, earthquakes, falling boulders. (no gametype specified)
  • The most focus being placed on DM and CTF – getting just right.

Ein Scan aus den Attached Thumbnails bietet gar neues Bildmaterial. Weitere Screenshots aus diesem Artikel sollten in der nächsten Zeit den Weg ins Netz finden.