Neuer Betapatch 2195

Epic hat erneut einen Betapatch released, Versionsnummer nun 2195. Änderungen und Neuerungen gegenüber 2192 findet ihr unter mehr.
UT2003 Beta 2195

Änderungen und Neuerungen
Changes from 2192 include:

– Limit number of successful connections from a single IP per minute.
Configured by these settings (default values):

– reduced cheat protection false positives
– terrain collision bug fix (this fixes the holes on CTF-Citadel and
– fixed Geothermal red flag base pipe hole
– fixed personal weapon stats for zoom instagib.
– fixed BR ball getting stuck in BR-TwinTombs
– fixed shark skin in multiplayer (DM-Oceanic)
– Made minigun and link „lock-down“ effect configurable
(server-side). To change the effect,
you will need to add the following sections to your UT2003.ini file:
[XWeapons.MinigunFire] [XWeapons.LinkFire] and [XWeapons.LinkProjectile]
and the following line in each:


The default is 1.0 . A value of 0 =
no momentum imparted, so no lockdown.