Neuer Betapatch 2197

Tja 🙂 schon wieder gibts nen neuen Betapatch für UT2003, diesmal die Version 2197, Änderungen und Neuerungen wie immer unter mehr.Download:
UT2003 Betapatch 2197

Änderungen und Neuerungen seit 2195:
– allow players to join chosen team even if its filled with bots
– added viewed player name to first person HUD when spectating
– fixed client-side demo playback jerkiness
– Made minigun and link „lock-down“ effect configurable (server-side). To
change the effect,
you will need to add the following lines to your UT2003.ini file, in the
[xGame.xDeathmatch] section:


The default is 1.0. A value of 0 = no momentum imparted, so no lockdown.
This is visible in the game rules (in the server browser, or when pressing

– added ability to turn off translocator switching back to previous weapon
if fire is pressed while alt-fire still held down.
To change, add the following section to your user.ini file:

– Removed config keyword from QueryHandlers variable declaration
– Added server name to browser title bar in webadmin
– Fixed CurrentGame maplist select not auto-selecting the currently playing
map in webadmin
– Fixed mutator sorting on Mutators page in webadmin
– Added more support for skinning webadmin
– Fixed sorting on Player List page
– Fixed Player List page display for specs
– Added support for banning/unbanning by ID to webadmin (hash appears in
Player List & Banned IPs)
– Fixed display problem with mutators that do not have configured groups
– Added checks to IPPlayer page for invalid IP addresses in ban list
– Completed localization support for webadmin
– Added security level listing to Rules/Settings pages (master admin will
see associated security level for each setting)