Neue Nvidia Detonatoren

Am Dienstag werden uns neue Nvidia Detonatoren erwarten. Nachdem geleakte Treiber in der Version 45.23 „veröffentlicht“ wurden, bekamen die Jungs von Guru3d eine Mitteilung seitens Nvidia:

an email from nVIDIA just came in. This driver was not meant to be released just yet. You can expect the official release of this driver on Monday. I now have a document that explains all driver fixes, and it looks good. We will remain serving the fujitsu-siemens version and on Tuesday you can expect NVIDIA’s version which I also already have in my posession. That version will have a full set/installer and will be posted online on Tuesday. I just did a byte comparison and basically there is no difference.

Quelle: Guru3d