UT2004 Patch 3355 released

Der 3355 Patch ist heute offiziell released worden.
Downloadlinks stehen unten, Changelog gibts unter more


General Gameplay:

  • Fixed stuttering/snagging/sinking into static meshes in some places on clients in net games
  • Improved getting out of water
  • Fixed FaceClassic teleporter exploit
  • The Cicada hud indicators should now show up in all game modes.
  • Fixed SPMA causing damage at world origin.
  • Fixed not being able to exit raptor when it’s on the ground
  • Fixed (for assault) the energy core always showing on the HUD even if it not the current objective (thanks AngelMapper)


  • Server performance improvements
  • Cheating detection improvements, with shorter time for master server ban detection
  • Integration of UTAN bans with UT2004 master server. Admins can opt out by adding bIgnoreUTANBans=true to [IpDrv.MasterServerUplink]
  • Fixed potential garbage collection crash when changing levels during network games
  • Improved caching of server data for when you can’t connect to the master server.
  • UTV updated (netspeed fix).
  • Better Client
  • >Server
  • >MS Error Messages

Demo Recording:

  • Added code to insure StopDemo is executed before a map change or game exit
  • Remove 8x from the demo playback menu.  The engine has problems with that speed.
  • Fixed bug in Demo Playback menu that caused the Play/Pause button to be out of sync
  • Added Demo playback jog keys to the console.

    • Left Cursor slows down playback (1/4x -> 1/2x)
    • Right cursor speeds ups playback (2x -> 4x)  
    • Up/Down cursor resets to 1x
    • Disable by settings bDemoJogKeys=false in [XInterface.ExtendedConsole]


  • Improved level loading speed, especially on network clients
  • Fixed calling SetBase(NULL) on all attached actors when an actor is destroyed


  • Fix for importing static meshes


  • Model select page now properly selects the current character when you open it.
  • Korean localization updates.
  • VCTF now appears in server browser, even if you don’t already have any VCTF maps installed.
  • Added code to sync the Stream (MP3) volume with normal music volume.