Quake 4: The Art and Design

Gamespy.com haben sich Eric Biessman (Projektleiter) Kevin Long (leading Artist Raven) und Tim Willts (id Designer) zur Seite genommen um sie über den visuellen Aspekt des kommenden Shooters zu interviewn. Die Entwicklungsgeschichte wird laut Tim Willits Aussagen nach Erscheinen des Shooters hohe Wellen schlagen, da Raven „für jeden Mist“ Concept Arts entwickelt hat. Auch geht Sluggo von Gamespy auf die vielen Ketzer in Internetforen ein, die sich dem Doom3 Aspekt des Spiels nicht entfremden können:

Sluggo: We’ve seen a number of forum threads commenting that the game is looking very similar to DOOM 3, and based on the screenshots we’ve seen so far, we can understand where they’re coming from. Is that just a function of using the DOOM 3 engine, or is that just because of the particular screenshots released so far?

Tim Willits: It definitely has a technical look to it — the Prey shots (being developed by 3DRealms and Human Head – ed.) are our technology as well. Hopefully our E3 presentation with our trailer will definitely distinguish it from DOOM 3. I think we have enough different stuff in there that people won’t think it’s DOOM 3.

Eric Biessman: From the beginning, the inception of development, we said, „how can we differentiate ourselves both stylistically and gameplay wise from DOOM?“ We just set out to make a fast-action, nonstop game that you’ll sit down and play right through. There’s more than just fighting, but it’s definitely a different game. Without letting you sit down and play through the whole game, it’s hard — I couldn’t list everything. We’ve really gone out of our way to try to differentiate.

Als krönender Abschluss kam nochmal unser aller Liebling Tim Willits zu Wort, der uns auf ein Feuerwerk hoffen lässt.

Tim Willits: I believe that Quake 2 had the best single-player universe of the Quake series, and that’s what we’re returned to. And then Quake 3 had the best multiplayer feeling and experience of the Quake series. So with Quake 4, you have the best single-player environment to go off of, and then you have the best multiplayer environment to build off of. And honestly, I believe this will be our best Quake — we’ve had 10 years to make this that game great. It’s really building off the experience of the other Quake, the experience of id, the experience of the guys at Raven — all the pieces have come together to create the perfect environment to make an awesome game.

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