Neuer UT2004 Patch + UTComp 1.4 Beta2

Epic hat einen neuen Patch für UT2004 released. Änderungen und Neuerungen wie immer unter mehr. Zusätzlich ist auch das bekannte und beliebte UTComp in der Version 1.4 Beta2 erschienen. Changelog zu UTComp in den Downloaddetails.


Onslaught related:
– Fixed accessed none in mid-game GUI code
– New, optimized Goliath shot hit effect
– Fixed Raptor camera from clipping into the world
– fixed collision hole in Goliath
– vehicle splash rings
– fixed daredevil message to only show the stats that made you a daredevil
– Manta water spray effect
– If two nodes are an equal number of links away from the enemy powercore, the autospawn system will now select the one physically closer to the core instead of randomly picking one.
– Optimized some effects to improve client performance

Onslaught AI:
– greatly improved AI control of flying vehicles
– fixed bot getting out of vehicle and instantly killed causing AI problems
– bots in mantas and scorpions may jump out if about to be hit by avril
– Improved Leviathan AI
– improve Raptor firemode selection AI
– bots like jumppads more in Onslaught
– improved AI initial node rush
– bots better at comboing with PRV side gun
– improve AI vehicle route following (less backing up)
– high skill bots jump out of mantas that have web projectile stuck to them
– fixed occasional bot in vehicle getting stuck on inventoryspot
– fixed bot avril locks when bot can’t see target
– fixed bots trying to heal node from too far away
– fixed defenders staying in vehicle too long when node unpowered
– PowerCores now block paths through them (need to rebuild paths for this to work)
– bot Mantas more aggressive against foot enemies
– bots smarter about navigationpoints blocked by vehicles
– move as close as possible in vehicle if no path to dest (until currentpath isn’t useable)
– bots pick best side of vehicle to get out
– Entering a vehicle turns off a pawn’s and a pawn’s weapon’s AmbientSounds
– bots keep manning tanks (and other „important“ vehicles) when possible
– bots do multiple dodges toward road pathnodes
– improved bots staying focused on enemy attacking power core
– if bot can’t get out of vehicle turret, he tries to switch to driving vehicle if there’s no driver
– bots understand they can’t shoot through powernode shields
– bots don’t toss spidermines into powernode shields
– fixed bots in vehicles trying to use teleporters
– improved bot use of handbraking for steering

General game play:
– removed log warnings when damagetype is none
– fix for getplayerstart log spam in invasion
– Fixed the single player not going to the SP_Main menu after showing the intro
– fixed script warnings
– Only allow suicides once every 10 seconds
– fixed Xan torso w/ invisibility
– have „?“ portrait show up if no valid portrait on HUD

Demo Recording:
– Added a hack so that demorecdrivers always convince the server that it’s UTX files are Gen=1
(fixes CTF flags not showing in demos recorded on dedicated server installs)

– UT2K4 works with WinXP SP2 firewall
– speed hack detection improvements (less problems for people with just bad connections)
– Fixed Linux server crash when Master Server drops connection unexpectedly. (in 3270.1)
– increased default ConnectionTimeout to 30 seconds
– fixed cases where non-replicated emitters were being spawned server side (performance improvement)
– Fix for server travel crash bug.
– fixed destroyed vehicles disappearing so much on saturated connections
– Properly handle the FailCode command coming from the server. This was what would cause a client to appear „locked solid“ when 2 clients were trying to join the last slot.
– „Only Official Maps“ toggle in server browser now becomes disabled when mods are loaded.
– Fixed the server browser Filters description overlap.
– Fixed Classic Translocator Setting in net games.
– The „Press F10 to“ Connection Message makes it’s return.
– Fixed vehicles looking flipped over on clients when they aren’t
– Servers recover if connection to master server fails during receive
– Fixed HandleStream crash on server with some user Assault levels on connections with packet loss
– Server performance improvement (don’t copy structs in NEQ replication comparisons)

– added per layer detail settings for terrain deco layers
– fixed particle editor crash

– fix for processhitwall crash
– fixed script assignment bug (assignment of deleted actors resulted in no change from the current value).
– loading time speedup.